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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
Thank you for the youtube videos!! I have started to IF on my non training day (usually Sunday). I have never felt better!! last monday I woke up without an alarm at 4 am...LOL and was perky all day! I wont lie, some days it's hard to get to dinner without at least snacking..any tips? Also, do you eat a big meal the day prior..and how is dinner after the fast?? HUGE??!! thanks again
No problem, I have been more active on Youtube because I eventually want to personal train so I am trying to develop some different videos.

Anyway, regarding your question. Sunday was often my IF day as well, but I also did a lesser version of IF for an entire year (basically skipping breakfast daily) and it felt pretty good.

If Saturday was very active or light on food for some reason, then yes, Sunday would be harder. In that case, allow yourself a small protein snack early or mid afternoon. A few tips to avoid hunger sensations: 1) Drink plenty of water, hard to feel hungry when your belly is full, even if it is just water 2) Keep busy, whether it is playing with the kids or reading a book, if you are active then you won't think about it as much.

It gets easier, the more I IF'd, the easier it became.

Regarding meal size after the fast, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, I would IF simply because I was going to a party. Then I would completely relax and eat what I wanted, only rule was try to fill up partially on protein first, then enjoy the snacks/junk. But on a normal day, I would be using IF to "clean up" from a week of bulking, i.e. burn a bit of fat and give the digestive system a break. On those days, then dinner would be normal so I would finish the day in a caloric deficit.

Sorry that was long winded!

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