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August 16 to 23 - Vacation

Catskill Moutains of New York

I'd like to write more, but I am busy catching up at work. I will try to post some pictures and/or video when I have a chance

Sunday - getting back into the lifts

220x5, 4 sets

311x5, 5 sets

200x5, 3 sets
170x5, 3 sets

Monday - getting back into the lifts, part II

270x5, 3 sets

361x5, 4 sets

220x5, 3 sets
190x5, 2 sets
170x5, 2 sets

* Plan is to slowly acclimate my body to the weights again. I am keeping the weights light and slowly working up. I am also keeping reps low because I don't want to get sore.

At this point, after a 9 day layoff, any type of volume routine would smash me and leave me unable to workout for days. By keeping it lighter and lower reps, I can train with high frequency until my body is ready to kick it into high gear again.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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