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What has been going down in 2013:

-My weight, I've cut from 230 to 199 and walk around 205 now.

-Here is my latest competition total from 2013 Raw Nationals

-I had 4 friends become National Champions at 2013 Raw Nationals, here are a few of their lifts

-I took a USAPL coaching course at Raw Nationals and am now a USAPL Club Level Coach. With several of my friends becoming Nationals Champs and possibly being on the USA Worlds team, I've sent a formal letter to the World coaches to try and become an assistant on the team.

-My friend and I are starting up our own strength gym in Boynton Beach, Florida. He will be putting in more time and money into the business but I plan on helping any way I can.

-I will most likely be volunteering for another one of Dr. Zourdos' studies this week and next week at FAU. I get to max out on squat on force plates with emg probes attached to my legs and a tendo unit attached to the bar. Can't get any more awesome than that.

-My friend and I are looking to start up a small, non-profit site with the goal of getting student athletes to powerlifting competitions. At our time at FSU, we realized that competitions can be costly, we don't have alot of money and there aren't many sponsors in powerlifting. So as engineers, we are coming up with some inventions and ideas that we can hopefully sell to people and use all that money to help high school and college kids compete at the local, national and world level in powerlifting.
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