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I wouldn't call that a routine or a program, that is just an idea. Picking exercises and putting reps and sets on them doesn't make it a program. First, you should set up what your goals are, short term and long term. These should be obtainable and easily measurable. Once you know what your goals are, then you need to set your nutrition/cardio/resistance training up to successfully achieve this goal.

And when it comes to resistance training you need a much better plan with more detail. Is 1-8 supposed to mean between 1 to 8 reps? 5 sets of 1 reps is waaayy different than 5 sets of 8 reps. The stimulus is totally different on the body. How do you choose what reps you are going to do that week? Is it just a whim? Whatever you feel like doing that day? Also, you don't mention intensity at all. Is this program going to be percentage based? Is it based off perceived exertion? Are you going to complete failure? Are you going to shy a rep or two away from failure? How much rest between sets? How are you going to progress week to week? Are you looking to follow the basic, linear periodization model? How many weeks is this program going to be? How long are you going before you deload? What is the plan when you stall? Etc...etc.
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