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Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
If I were you, I would immediately increase my caloric intake. 2,000 calories a day is very little, especially for someone as big as you. You only need a slight deficit and then some patience and consistency to see results. At the beginning of the year, I was about 230 lbs and decided to go on a cut. I dropped my caloric intake to ~2,900 calories and started to lose 1 lbs a week. I did barely any cardio but went to the gym and hit the weights heavy and often. Last month at my competition, I weighed in at 199 lbs after a bit of a water cut.

Bottom line: At 300 lbs, you should be losing weight at a caloric intake much higher than 2,000 calories. If you are not, you need to check your calorie counting methods for accuracy or make sure you are following a proper resistance training and cardiovascular program.
I think my metabolism slowed to a crawl. Im going to bump it up to 2200 calories and try from there.
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