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Default My 6x6 Powerbuilding Program To Gain Strength and Muscle Mass

Hello Iron Buddies,

I just want to share with you my program to gain strength and size. Before that I just want to introduce myself, my name Is Ruel Isla and I am in to powerbuilding for 14 yrs now. I started lifting weights when i was 18 yrs old. I am an ectomorph and a really hard gainer. I love bodybuilding since i was a child. Since I started lifting weights I really want to be Huge not just big but huge. But the problem is I cannot gain weight.

Ive been in a lot of different Gym in our place but when I met a russian Guy who introduce me to powerlifting and teach me the right nutrition I started gaining strentgh and size. after that I started to love powerlifting and started competing in power lifting and guees what, my coach is the russian guy. I was trained and still training raw powerlifting and bodybuilding up to now.

Here is my one of my many programs that i love to do.

3 day workout


*Squat 6 x 6
leg press 3 x 6
Leg Curl 3 x 10
Calves 6x15

Must use all your strength and intensity in this workout that's why this day is only leg day.

*bench press 6x6
neck press 3x10
Dips 3x10

*Behind the neck press 6x6
bent over lat raise 3x15

Closegrip bench press 6x6
french press 3x10

*Deadlift 6x6
bent over BB row 3x6
Lat pull down 3x10

Barbell curl 3x10
dumbel alernate curl 3x10
dumbel concentrate 2x10

Note: what I do is,all the workout that i put an * are my basic workout for strength. I increase 10 lbs for deadlift and squat and 5lbs on bench every next workout day until I reach my 1 rep max. After i reach my one rep max to failure. I decreases the weights of 20% to 30% of my 1rm.

Thanks for the opportunity to share with you my Powerbuilding workout.

Until next time.

Your Iron Brother,

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