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Default new cutting diet

Hello everyone!
I need a diet in which I can use to cut. I used to be able to just count calories and lose weight as long as the calories were in a deficit. 2 years after suffering from bad anxiety and panic attacks I ate like crap and gained weight up to 313 lbs. I had a bunch of stretch marks everywhere. Now when I workout and diet, I cannot just count calories as I am now super sensitive to carbs. I tried paleo diet and it worked well. I lost 20 lbs but gained 10 lbs back. I dropped another 10 eating 2000 calories a day. Now im stuck and lifting and cardio is not really helping. usual diet is

breakfast : 2 eggs and 3 slices of bacon

snack about 100 calories of beef jerky

lunch is a sandwhich or leftover dinner from previous day

dinner is chicken with veggies or meatloaf/beef and veggies with sometimes a carb.

if i get hungry ill eat some eggs or jerky aroud 7-9 pm

I only have adjustable dumbbells, I can barely jog/walk since im so out of breath now and have extreme muscle fatigue.

This all happend after the anxiety panic attacks. It's tough to lose weight now.

notes: I used a product called skinny fiber and it helped keep me full. I was always hungry. Always.
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