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Good Friday 10forthy2. I have had an interesting week. I know bodybuilders know the true feeling of pain. I saw several ways to post pain to the public this week. There are ways to have pride from it and there are ways to be embarrassed from it. Good pain helps growth and bad or harsh pain makes you weak from giving in to it. I have come to believe that one way to use pain is to bottle it up and let it fester till the next workout and then release it in a great day of lifting.
We are humans at this time until our time comes to be immortalized. We must face paing in a physical body. Everybody in the world just can't see how anybody could have pain worse than their own. I to feel this. When the DR.s told me because of my lower back (i.e. L-4 L-5 and S-1) I would not be able to do anything I did in the past. Now that was pain. Well I have begun a journey that each day one step forward is better than alternative. Today, I will use my pain to work toward a goal: feeling better today than yesterday. Is it working, hang on and I will let you know tomorrow. Hey you all have a great weekend.
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