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Originally Posted by 10forty2 View Post
Yeah, it's worked VERY well for me in the past. There's actually quite a lot of research out there on training a body part only once per week. The science is in the recovery time. Plus, although you concentrate on only one body part, with compound lifts you are actually using multiple muscle groups. The theory is that you work the crap out of the targeted muscle group and then give it at least 7 days to fully recovery and grow, supported by good nutrition throughout the time period before working that muscle group directly again. Some of the old school BBs of the day would only workout 3 days a week when going for maximum gain. You HAVE to have recovery time.

Muscle growth occurs when you rest, not when you workout. Your goal is to create micro-tears in the muscle fiber, which occurs when you workout. When your body repairs those fibers it actually increases their capabilities by making them bigger and stronger in response to the injury you created. If you don't give your body adequate time and nutrients to repair itself after you hammered it, you will remain in a state of disrepair and never realize your full potential. Gains will come slower, and eventually you will start to go backwards because your body cannot keep up with the needed repairs.

Overtraining is actually worse than undertraining and will affect your overall health!
I don't follow bodybuilding or it's style of training as much anymore. But from what I've read and heard, the 1x a week frequency is mostly what drugged up bodybuilders espouse. On the other hand, most natural bodybuilders (like Dr. Norton) employ a higher frequency. Hence programs like Layne's PHAT.
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