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Default Friday Ponderings

Well, made it through my first week back in the gym in 6 years. Today was arm day, and as I went through a routine of dumbell, barbell and concentration curls. seated dips, cable tricep extensions and push-downs, I remembered the dedication I once had for the lifestyle of a bodybuilder. I could feel the intensity welling up inside me as I confidently lifted the weight for another rep.

And then it hit me.... the pump that I used to love so much!! My biceps, were pumped up, swollen from the curling. My arms were so tight that I found it difficult to get that next rep in....Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! THAT'S what I remember so fondly. Feeling my accomplishment and gaining inspiration from it. Enough so to get an entire extra set in and further that feeling of being on top of the world!

Finishing that last set, taking off my gloves, wiping the sweat from my brow and walking to the truck, it came back to me that the brain is the most powerful bodybuilding tool we have. Mental attitude to stay the course, and acuity to focus on proper form and lifting technique. Ability to block out anything that distracts you from the next rep. Gaining control of your body to craft and refine each part. The pure, unadulterated connection between mind and muscle to hone the intensity of the lift and ultimately see the results. That's what separates a bodybuilder from those who go through the motions with no brain in the game.

Set goals, work hard and achieve those goals. Set higher goals, and work harder than before, but smarter with the knowledge that you gained from the first set of goals. Lift hard, concentrate and learn. Never, NEVER give up!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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