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Originally Posted by 10forty2 View Post
Alright, this place needs to wake up a bit! Time to get crackin'.... up and at- 'em!! It's Hump Day ya'll!!

Great workout this morning! Third day back in the gym after a 6-year hiatus. Although I'm starting back into it slowly, it feels SOOOO good to be back in there lifting. Just to share, here's the weekly bodypart routine I was doing when I left off 6 years ago. Picked it back up on Monday.

Monday - Legs
Tuesday - Chest
Wednesday Back
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Arms
Abs Every day.

Begin each workout with a 15 minute walk on the treadmill to get the old ticker up to speed. Starting out with body weight exercises and/or light free weights until my body realizes that I'm not going to give in to its weakness. Trying for 4 exercises per body part for now. 4 sets of 10-12 reps for each exercise. Concentrating on big, compound movements for now....squats, deads, dumbell bench press, barbell rows. Not really trying for isolation work (other than on arm day) for at least another month. The post workout pain feels so good...I'd forgotten what it was like.

My body is in shock at cleaning up my diet again. Can't intake the amount of calories I want right now, but working up to that as well. Probably best that I don't overload it since I'd love to lose about 10lbs of fat and useless jiggle. Just trying to get rid of fast foods and saturated fats that have my cholesterol and blood pressure screaming.

At 48, I'm not getting any younger and I have family history against me in the health department. I started hardcore lifting in 2001 after being initially diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was skinny, smoking, drinking and generally not living a healthy lifestyle. After a couple of years in the gym and making significant lifestyle changes, I went from 140lbs on a 5' 11" frame with 20% body fat to 200lbs and 10% body fat. At age 40, I considered competing in a natural bodybuilding show, but chickened out and never entered.

OK... enough for now. Got a meal to eat!!! Ya'll have a great day!

Wow! 10forty2 you have 6 years listed and I am the same. My low back finally went absolutely out. Not from workouts but from jumping when I was an Airborne Ranger in the Army. I started back about 2 weeks ago. You can see my schedule in the online training. I am doing light workouts and lifting. I actually do no back work other than upper back.
Hey I just to wish Godspeed in getting back to you want to be. I am about to get my journal on my workout for the week so far here. Lift it in form and you won't need anymore.
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