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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
With a 5x5 program you need to pick a weight that you can dominate for the 5 sets of 5.

Further, most 5x5 programs ramp up, meaning you start lighter on the first set and add weight until the last set or two is challenging. (3x5 is usually straight sets though)

So in light of the first two recommendations, reduce the weight by a significant amount.

The fact that you were really sore 4 days later and couldn't even handle the same amount seems to indicate that you simply did too much too soon that your body wasn't ready for based on your previous routine.

Ease into the 5x5 routine, it may be frustrating, but for a few weeks go really light but train often. Maybe even every day, but using 50% of what you attempted. So instead of 185, go with 90 or 95. Then gradually work up the weight and of course, make sure you are eating and sleeping enough.

If you reduce the weight and ease into it, I believe you can experience a long period of steady linear progression and you will be quite happy with the results.
This is a very intelligent post.

As mentioned, you failed because you started too heavy. You need to build up to your best 5x5 and then continue to progress past it for as many weeks as you can. Ramping sets is a good idea and will be beneficial for progressing as well. Remember, progress is progress. Even if you end up hitting the same weight for your 5th set but all your ramping up sets are 5 lbs more than last session, then you have gotten stronger.

So drop that weight down and maybe start off with 155x5 as your 5th set with lighter weights working up. By week 3 you will be past where you are now and should be able to continue past that and blast through some plateaus.

Aside from carbs, make sure you are getting enough fats and proteins as well. Protein will help in recovery and building muscle. And fats will keep your joints healthy since you are going to be pushing some big weights.

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!
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