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Today was kind of short by legs being so sore.

First: 4 mins. on stationary bike medium tension
Second: Bicep Curls 20lb. 3 sets of 10, 15, 8 reps
Tricep: Seated Tricep extensions 6lb. 3 sets 15 Reps.

Breakfast: Meal: 32 oz. of Oatmeal plain
Toast: I slice of Toast of Wheat bread
Vitamins: B-Complex, Zinc 50 mg.

Lunch: 1 Protein Whey shake
Banana Sandwich-2 slices of wheat bread, tsp. Peanut Butter, 1 Banana

Dinner: Large salad consisting of veggies and 6 Boiled eggs, 6 Saltine Crackers, 32oz. glass of unsweet tea

Protein shake at 10 PM at bedtime

Tomorrow will be my off day and Sunday.
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