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Default Strong Lifts 5x5 Problem

Hey guys. I've been weight training on and off for years. Last year, I went through a lot of stressful events, so my training was minimal. This year, starting in March, I did a long program designed to build lean muscle and get into shape. It definitely worked. I'm much more fit, and my six pack came out of nowhere. However, now I'm weaker than ever! Last week, I started doing strong lifts 5x5. I started out on the bench press, did 5 sets of 5 reps at 185lbs. It was very hard, but I barely got it. The other exercises were a bit easier. I was VERY sore for the next few days. Today (4 days later), I tried to do the same routine with the same weight, and FAILED after 4 reps on the 4th set. How am I getting WEAKER? I literally ate nothing but carbs and protein. I actually GAINED 4 pounds since my last workout, so I really expected to crush the bench press this time around. It seems that I can no longer do anything heavy at all anymore. My all-time bench press max is 260, and that was about 3 years ago.
Age: 29
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