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I've been riding the PR train for awhile.

Praise the Lord that I have stayed healthy, learned how to keep my knees feeling good (most of the time), and continued to gain lean mass and improve my performance in the gym.

Last night was a midnight shift and this weekend is two midnight shifts in a row on top of my regular job. Then vacation August 16 to 23. I can imagine with 3 midnights in a 5 day period and then vacation shortly after, I may be jumping off the PR train.

I am not going to ease off in terms of intensity, I simply may have to bring the intensity in a different way other than PRs. I am writing this as a warning to myself to train smart.


Measured the guns at 16.75 inches pumped today! Not big by any means, but a long way from where they used to be.

Wednesday - Arms & Miscellaneous

* Entire workout supersetted (exercises/sets don't always match)


DB Goblet Squat (warmup with BWx40)
85x10, 3 sets

SG High Pull from Hang
130x3, 4 sets
120x3, 4 sets


V-Bar Pushdown with Fat Grips
41, 51x15
81x7, 6, 6

OH Push Press (Pre-exhaust triceps with V-Bar 71x8, 3 sets)
120x10, 3 sets

OH Incline Barbell Extension
50x10 to 15 reps, 4 sets


DB Hammer - really focusing on squeezing biceps and squeezing the DB
29x12, 10, 10

DB Curl
29x6, 3 sets
24x8, 4 sets

Band Curl
3 sets, rep out

James 1:16-17 ESV
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