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Originally Posted by rickck48 View Post
Yes, your workouts. They give me the remembrance I need to keep pushing. When I read your weights and reps, they make me think I can follow a good routine back to where I can be close again. My doctor told me if I wanted to workout it is OK but no back work, I think he is wrong because the back is stabilizer to of the body. God Bless my friend.
Thanks for the kind words! I am glad that I can be an inspiration.


Thursday - Legs


361x5, 8 sets

Snatch Grip High Pull from Hang
90x5, 2 sets
110x5, 3 or 4 sets

DB Goblet Squats
85x10, 2 sets

Friday - Bench

* Workout shorter than normal because I had Scooter problems getting home, ugghh. As such, I rushed the warmup, I was very happy to still hit the rep and volume PR.

Ring Dips
BWx12, 12, 10

* Barbell Row 120x8 between sets, narrow grip

211x8, 7, 6, 5 - Volume and Rep PR
191x7+4 rest pause
171x8+4 rest pause

BWx15 rep w/ periodic pauses/isometric holds, 3 sets

OH Tricep Ext on Ab Bench ss w/ Band Curls

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