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I think deloads have become way overused in strength training. Unless you have been training heavy and hard for many years or you are one week out from a powerlifting meet or strongman competition or something similar I do not see the need to deload. You are going to have natural deloads if you go on vacation or get sick. If you are lifting 3-5x a week for 60-90 minutes and sitting on your bum for the rest of the week or working a nonstressful job deloads are usually an excuse to take it easy and slack off. If you look at the bodybuilders and powerlifters of the 70s and 80s they would laugh at the the thought of a deload. The program I use most of the time 5/3/1 calls for a deload every 4th week which I skip almost all of the time. Sometimes I may feel off on a day or not as strong which is perfectly natural but fatigue masks fitness and when I do take off the strength will be there afterwards. And to be perfectly honest deloads are flat out boring.
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