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Whew, my legs are sore from the 3 extra sets of constant tension reps at the end of yesterday's leg workout. I already did 2 sets of 40 bodyweight squats to help ward off DOMS.


Very happy with today's bench workout. Looking back at my records, I seem to have hit 285 for 3 before, but that had to have been sloppy. I am stronger now in every measure, so not sure how a weaker version of myself could have hit 285 for 3. Anyway, the 280 was for 3 solid reps, didn't have a 4th in me, but I think 282.5 or even 285 are within my grasp. I felt like I could have hit a 5th rep with 270 which would have been a PR.

Tuesday - Bench

Power Cleans 150x4 between sets

233.5 x 7+4 rest pause
190x4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1 (10 rest between mini sets) - 2 rounds with 190

BWx15 rep w/ periodic pauses/isometric holds, 3 sets

ss w/

DB Hammer
29x12, 12, 10

Barbell Row
120x15, 12 - usually do 3 sets, but tweaked my neck somehow

ss w/

Ab Bench Arm Work (OH Ext)

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