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Thank you for your input! To expand on this a little, how would I go about determining what my old caloric count would be as most of my dinner and for the most part lunch would be eating out. Would it be a good idea to estimate the amount of calories and go from there. monitor weight week-by-week and see whats giving the best results over the course of say a month and use that as a starting point?

As for exercising, im not doing much of anything at the moment. I try to get in 2-3 days of resistance training and 1-2 days of cardio (mountain biking) but this is not routine. Eventually id like to get back into jogging. Perhaps this may help as a boost when I plateau?

I have just started three days ago which is also why im posting here as I know you guys all know what your talking about and will give me the best possible advice to be successful.

Oats will be added to morning then would it be wise to add some kind of carb in the afternoon as well? perhaps some nuts or something?

As for maintaining what muscle I do have left... would you recommend supplements? Ideally id like to get most if not all of my vitamins and minerals from foods but I do understand this is a very difficult task. Glutamine? Amino Acids? perhaps added vit B? anything else you might recommend?

Thanks again for your time and advice!
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