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Wrapping Up
Here we have come full circle from looking at the actual anatomy and chemistry of our energy systems, that not only let us run and throw and play, but breath and think, to figuring out how to improve each of their efficiency and capacity. ATP is a fundamental essence of human life as our fuel. We have seen the differences between the four energy systems and how the aerobic and anaerobic systems work differently, and alongside each other to keep you moving in different situations. When looking through these systems and picking your exercises keep in mind the specific skills, actions, movements, and environments you are wanting to improve performance in to make sure you are not defeating your own gains by going in the wrong direction.

Lastly, all the recommended times and exercises in this text are generally aimed at sports performance, but even if you are starting into this world an obese couch potato, or at least an obese marketing desk jockey like I did, it is no worry. Scale back the intensities, the exercise times, and up the rest times until you find what you can do and work from there. Make sure to consult with a physician before undertaking these techniques, as some of the intensities prescribed are honestly very dangerous for those with heart conditions, diabetes, and numerous other possible health scenarios. Training under the guidance of a properly educated personal trainer or other professional is highly advised, at least to get you going.
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