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Originally Posted by dtg View Post
I've done 5x5 in the past with very good results when I was bulking but never tried it for cutting. I do better with higher weight and lower reps when I'm dieting so I want to give it a try for cutting. In the past when cutting, I've done the 13wk program here and the 12wk program as well. As for cardio/HIIT, I actually enjoy it and this is much less than I normally would do... I normally would do a 5k run 4-5 times a week.
Great, glad you are used to 5x5.

Definitely keep that in place for the cut. Some make the mistake of switching to higher reps exclusively. Higher reps have their place, but not at the expense of lower reps/heavier weight.

As you get further into a cut, depending on how serious you are, energy levels can be low, and it is actually much easier to lift heavy/low reps than to hit 10 or 12 rep sets. Trust me, I know from experience, the volume work is the first thing to go when you start to get really lean. It is just too draining.

I understand you enjoy cardio/HIIT, but still keep it minimal. Think of it as a tool, and only increase it when it isn't doing the trick anymore.

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