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Originally Posted by dtg View Post
Thank you. I was actually planning to start off with a 3x per week 5x5 type workout. What I mean by "type" is that I will not exactly follow the 5x5 tonnage protocol and just select 3-4 exercises and do them 5x5 each workout. My cycle will probably look something like this:

Day 1: Squats, Weighted Pullups, BB Military Press, BB Bench
Day 2: Abs + either 15 mins HIIT or 30 mins moderate cardio
Day 3: Deadlifts, DB Shoulder Press, Seated Rows, BB Bicep Curls, Weighted Dips
Day 4: Abs + either 15 mins HIIT or 30 mins moderate cardio
Day 5: Leg Press, Inclined BB Press, Weighted Pullups, BB Upright Rows
Day 6: Complete Rest (as much as I can get with 3 small children at home!)
Day 7: Light recovery (maybe a very slow jog/walk for 30 minutes, or perhaps some yoga/stretching)

Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks.
Cycle seems fine. But what were you doing previously? Is this a big change? If so, take that into consideration. Maybe you don't have to do 2 cardio/HIIT sessions just yet.

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