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Originally Posted by Ratcat View Post
First you must eat breakfast and eat meals every 3 to 4 hours. Cut out all sugar except for your pwo shake. I like to lift heavy but I limit my workouts to 30 minutes. I split my workouts into body parts. Its tempting to do too much but limit your time to 30 minutes and that includes a 10 minute warmup. I know I can't do a good leg workout in 30 minutes so I split legs into 2 days. This is what I am trying atm. Since my cancer (5 years ago) I don't heal so quick and I get tired easily.Its frustrating and I want to do much more but I feel the need to be practical and I am still enjoying the rewards. I've just got to be clever about it. Eat a meal before you workout things will be better.
I commend you for fighting back and thank you for your help.

Originally Posted by Commander
Do you have a more specific question or questions dtg?
Welcome back and good luck.
Thanks for the welcome back. Yes, I have some specific questions:

1) Should I be counting calories now or should I just eliminate junk and watch portion size?
2) I have done well in the past with only 3-4 meals a day (including PWO); is this OK or do I have to move to 6-7 meals?
3) Do I need to start off with twice daily workout with cardio AM and weights PM or can I just start off with once a day and rotate?
4) What workout do you recommend at this time? By this I am referring to the split, rep range, etc.

Thank you.
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