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May I add that it also depends on what your goals are...if you want to be in all-round shape, you may be better utilising a 3 day full body workout, punctuated by cardio on your off days...this would only be one exercise per body part, but would focus on compound movements...if you are a beginner then the 6 day split that you indicate may not be seems you have one day for arms and one day for cardio / abs? I guess with all of the advice / tips out there it can be advice would be to read everything, try everything and see what works for your body type and goals...I usually hit 5 or 6 exercises per body part on a 4 day split...try to vary the number of reps/sets in each workout so your body doesn't adapt to your workout...that means you can try 5x5, 4x8, 3x10 and 2x12 in one my opinion, abs and arms can be trained during your other workouts...biceps get a workout on back day, triceps on chest day and to some extent delts day...I occasionally throw in an 'arms' day just to mix things up, but your arms will grow insanely if you do pull ups / rows and narrow grip bench press can throw in a couple of sets of abs at the end of a workout...check out Dorian Yates' advice on abs...forget endless sets...I know people will disagree with this, that's why I said you should see what works for you...good luck...
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