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Well, despite the general bodybuilding position, I disagree with constant eating throughout the day as much as I disagree with binge eating. We generally use about 10% of the calories we take in for digestion regardless of when we eat it. When we have just consumed food, or still have sugar stores in our liver, our body is not burning fat, as these are the energy reserves we keep to prevent death via starvation in a famine/chronic fasting, and our body does not want to metabolize fat unless it needs to.

So snacking between meals stops active fat metabolism, as does overly frequent eating. Our pancreas (what releases insulin) also only has a small amount of ready insulin, and creates more to deal with our needs as the food is digested, but eating too frequently makes it so the readily deployed insulin isn't fully ready, and it overreacts with extra insulin, damaging our insulin sensitivity.

As such we burn most of our fat during the middle of the night to early morning during repair and rebuilding, and is stopped by breaking fast. This is a reason why I personally don't break fast until about 4-5 hours after I get up, and as long as your muscles are metabolically active (aka you've been working them out) and you are getting enough calories in general, you should not start losing muscle mass sooner than 24 hours of fasting. HOWEVER, I don't generally suggest this to people, but physiologically it has been doing very well for me, and after a while you get used to it and realize that in the morning it's just mental 'daemons' telling you to eat, and after a while the hunger dies down. My gut feels better for it too with more down time to repair and clear out. It is something that needs to be eased into.

AGAIN: I don't really suggest this for most people, and I wouldn't condone a diabetic trying it, as that may ***k with your blood sugar levels negatively, but I would cut down the frequency of your meals to 3-4 tops (aside from PWO), cutting out snacks, unless these are necessary steps to manage blood sugar levels as advised by a medical professional.
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