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Besides the pullups and the hammer curls, you basically have no 'pulling exercises,' meaning that when it comes to actual lifting, ignoring PT and krav maga, you have nothing for your hamstrings, the entirety of your back (outside of those pullups), and your glutes are getting much at all either. I'd love to see some deadlifts in any full body workout, some good medium for rows (TRX are my favorited, but a seated row works well in my opinion), and as stated...that is a lot of shrugs. Honestly from a purely musculoskeletal balance perspective, I cringe at seeing that many shrugs. Are the shrugs purely for size and aesthetics, or do you find them helpful for geared mandatory "hikes?" Are you getting good glute work in Krav Maga? Im somewhat familiar with the style but I haven't trained in it, do you have much in the way of back kicks that may help to train the glutes? If not I would highly suggest some dedicated glute work as you certainly have a need for functional glute strength, and personally squats don't do it for me.

In the end I'm mostly trying to push adding deadlifts and rows on top of what you have, not replacing any of it, and suggesting caution with the shrugs.

I'll leave split advise as said by the others.
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