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Originally Posted by Yiannis View Post
i would like to ask which do you think is the optimal strategy that someone should follow after an overreaching period.
Mr Wilson suggest taper week which should have the following charactestistics.

Training intensity should always be maintained or improved during a taper.

Frequency should be decreased by no more than 20%.

Volume should be reduced by 50-85%, depending on the accumulated
fatigue. If the athlete trains for only 4 weeks, and the fatigue is minimal,
volume should be closer to 50% in reduction. If the accumulated fatigue is
high, such as after a 15-week training season, volume should be closer to an
85% reduction.

On the other hand Mr Norton suggest a deload week.
For a deload he recommends doing your normal routine, but only using 60-70% of normal weights. So for if you would normally do 3 sets of 5 on squats with 300 lbs., he would recommends doing 180-210 lbs. on squats for 3 sets of 5.

As you are aware, the purpose of a deload or taper is to all a recover rebound effect. Which ever method elicits that effect for you, is all that counts.

Training Age

The Training Age of individuals is a factor in when to back off on your training.

Novice lifters (lower training ages) are able to employ the same training program for a much longer period of time. A novice can usually preform the same program for 6 weeks.

Advance lifters (older training age) make progress much better by changing their program more often. Advance lifters need to change their program up every 3 - 4 weeks.

Sub Max to Limit Max Week

Training program are very much like warm up sets.

Let use a three week training cycle as an example.

Week 1: Easy week. This is your first "warm up set".

Week 2: Moderate week. This set prepare you for you really heavy week.

Week 3: Limit Strength week. This is where you push it to the limit.

Week 4: Week 4 Resets/Recycles to Week 1. You need to back off and allow the recover to take place.

Reset/Recycle Weeks 1

This means you decrease your training percentages for sure, perhaps your volume, maybe both.

Training is a stimulus for growth.

However, recovery is where it really takes place.

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