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Lightbulb What ya shakin' there, boy?

Ok, I need some shake inspiration. I am sure y'all got some tasty recipes to share with caramelised bananas, cashew butter and wildflower honey (or somesuch). Please feel free to add them here.

1. Poor Man's Breakfast

This is a Saltie classic and I always have the ingredients available:

1/2 cup Quaker Oats (raw, unpowdered - powder them if you don't like to chew)
2 scoops My Protein Impact Whey (currently enjoying chocolate caramel)
500 ml nature's finest water (tap, mineral, whatever)

Throw them into your shaker and work out that right arm.

Calories 340, Carbs 30, Fat 6, Protein 44, Fibre 4 (

You can always beef this up by using 500ml of skimmed milk if you are feeling rich.


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