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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
awesome work man, your bench is very impressive! I can agree with you that the day after house work..gym is a NO GO!! i usually end up just mowing the yard and doing pushups at the end of every 2 or 3 passess, then pullups and hand stand pushups off the swing set..LOL

im very OCD about "evening out" agonist and antagonist as soon as I can
Thanks Bigbear! I've definitely been working hard and seeing improvement on the bench.

It all depends on the home improvement, but in general, most of the projects my wife and I dream up end up being all day (if not more) affairs and are VERY exhausting!

I like your lawn yard workout. I have a playground I can do pullups/chinups on as well, I may have to bust a few reps next time I am mowing grass. : )

Tuesday to Friday - Off

Life got in the way.

I worked out 2 times in 7 days. That is why I tend to workout 6 or 7 days a week, because you never know when life will get in the way.


Saturday - Deadlift

365 - 1 set, 370 - 2 sets, 375 - 2 sets, 380x5, 5 sets

Arm pump work

Saturday and Sunday

Moving the child we were caring for out to live with his father

More home improvement

I am tired!

Monday - Chest

* Over did the tricep pump work on Saturday, between that and home improvement (lots of sanding) my arms were a bit fatigued going into this workout. It caught up with me on the rest pause sets. I was 3 reps short of my usual total.

Bench Press (ss w/ Power Clean/Hang Clean 150x1/3)
220, 240, 260, 275x1
245 x 7, 6, 5, 5, 4 - 245 for 7 is a PR
220 x 5+4 rest pause (usually get 6+4)
220 x 5+3 (usually get 6+4)
120 x 14 (with pauses built in a midrange)

BWx8, 6

ss w/

DB Hammer
27x10, 3 sets

2 sets of 15

Arm Pump work on Ab Bench

* Experimenting with the ab bench, it turned out to be pretty handy for OH extensions and a preacher/concentration type curl

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