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Wednesday AM - Arms

* Entire workout was supersetted, but sets/exercises don't always match up


DB Hammer Curl (squeezing DB as hard as I can)
27x10, 4 sets

Preacher Curl w/ Fat Grips
45x10, 4 sets

Barbell Curl w/ Fat Grips
45x8, 5 sets

Band Curl to failure
2 sets

* Trying to stimulate forearms as well, hence the fat grips and squeezing the DB hard


V-Bar Pushdowns
81x5, drop 71x5, drop 61x5, drop 51x5

JM Press in smith machine (weight on bar listed, not sure how much bar weighs)
70x8, drop 60, drop 50

EZ Bar OH Extension on flat bench
50x15, 13, 13, 12

Cable OH Extensions
41xfailure, 3 sets

* I really enjoyed this workout. Although I am still not sure about JM press. I am struggling to find a compound movement for triceps that 1) I enjoy and 2) I can do quitely in the morning so as not to wake everyone up with banging/clanging.

The Cable OH Press was much like a rolling DB extension. Using the high pulley, I let the weight pull my arms up over my head for a real nice stretch. Then use a pullover motion to roll into the OH extension with some momentum. They felt great.

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