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Default Still chugging

Since posting last I have had a hernia operation (remember the abdominal strains on the heavy *** to heel leg press?). That took 6 months to get back from. I have gradually pulled back from functional alcoholic to occasional social drinker, taken an interest in open water swimming and have been intermittent fasting for about a year. I am basically off wheat and corn and have cut way back on dairy and sugar (although I eat quite a lot of carbs)..

My weights program is similar but I now do squats with light weights -currently 50 lb dumbells very slowly and carefully. I do a 2nd session mid week of multiple squats and chin up super sets.

My current weight is 155lbs - a pre op low of 152lbs. My waist is somewhere between 31" and 32". I guess my bodyweight is a nightmare scenario for most here given that i topped put at about 195lbs but I really dont think i have lost strength. Funny thing about losing body fat is that there is way more there than you think. Anyone who has really got down to mid single digit bf % will know what I am saying. You also have to lose a bit on your measurements.

Anyway I feel good about my overall health at this stage.

Wish the very best to you all in your training.
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