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Hi Commander, thanks for the reply! Yes I have access to meat, but it's pretty expensive here (although good quality) and I was looking for a supplemental protein source on days when meat is not in huge supply (pasta days, which are all too frequent here in Italy). I'm not avoiding eggs altogether and often enjoy them whole, but my cholestrol is slightly high, so I fancied whites as a low fat, high protein alternative with some meals, although I realise that saturated fats are more of a problem than cholestrol directly. As for tuna, I'm taking a sabbatical from tinned tuna as I just ate too darn much of it and need to reset my taste buds. Turkey stir fry for lunch today and lean pork steaks for dinner tomorrow though.

On a side note, tonight my wife made Chinese rice porridge for dinner. I cooked up 300g of whites and chopped them into the porridge, enabling me to eat 90% of them without feeling too eggy. I might try using butter next time as I enjoy butter, but it's not really the oil that makes me gag, just eating a ton of egg white! If it all gets too eggy I might just switch back to a tin of Skipjack in Spring Water...



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