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so have to recap a couple days here. next day was off
then legs 5/3/1 squats friday
goal was 310x3 i did 315x8 and did a second set of 6 the drop to 225x6 all paused
rdl with DB's 65'sx12, 75x12,85x12,95x12
leg extensions 175x12,12,12
lying leg curl 130x10,10,10
hip abbucution 175x15,15,15
honestly on squats wasnt as strong as i was hoping but is what it is. i had to push a legs back a day and it always effects me(as the weights being much heavier than i feel they should be)
saturday smolov bench 220x8x4 hit all the reps and still managed to pause all the last reps
incline db went higher than normal .usually use a 30 degree angle and went 65 angle
65'sx10,75'sx10,85'sx10,95x10 100'sx6 will start heavier next time for sure
cable row 150x10,10,10
calbe laterals 20lbsx3x15
occlusion for bi's again
25lb preacher x30x15x12
happy with the workout and how it went
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