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Default Making egg whites less disgusting...

So, Today I made the move and bought a litre of pasteurised egg whites for the first time, 'cos this Italian diet (meaning the food here in Italy, not some kind of Soprano's cook book) is way too carb heavy and I'm finding it difficult to get enough protein from real food (can't shake all day long).

Recipe 1: Sunday "Brunch"

300 ml Albumo D'Uovo Pasteurised Egg Whites
1 tbsp Parmiggiano Reggiano (Paremsan Cheese - Grated)
1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Approx - Cal 217, Carbs 3, Fat 8, Protein 37 (courtesy of My Fitness Pal)

Step 1 - Put oil in non-stick pan, add egg whites and fry until cooked, adding parmesan cheese just before ready. Fold and try to stomach without puking.

This was just like eating a load of fried egg white (duh) and wasn't particularly palatable, but the cheese made it better. I know we have to suffer rank shakes or less-than-delicious stuff sometimes, but I'd appreciate some feedback on decent egg white recipes that a) are not 'cheesy scramble, bro' or b) are not 'whites and oats and cinnamon pancakes'...any real chefs out there with some tips?


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