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Thursday Evening

Pulled some singles, worked up to 445x1 with no belt.

I was pretty happy for several reasons:

1. I haven't pulled above 80% in a LONG time. My PR is 490x1 with a belt, so hitting 445 was nice since I can count on one hand the amount of reps I've pulled over 400 this year.

2. Lower back wasn't the limiting factor even though I was pulling without a belt. My upperback was tired from the back workout earlier in the day and that was where my form broke down first. Pulling tons of reps with around 70 to 75% of my 1RM beltless has really strengthened my abs/lower back.

Friday AM - Arms

* Entire Workout was bicep/tricep supersetted, sets don't always match up evenly, so not every superset was always the same exercise pairing.

Bicep exercises:

DB Hammer
29x10, 4 sets

BB Preacher
45x10, 4 sets

BB Curl
45x8, 3 sets

Band Curl
3 sets of 20

Triceps Exercises:

V-Bar Pushdowns
41x15, 4 sets
61x8, 51x6, 41x6 (drop set

JM Press (in smith machine)
65x15, 4 sets

OH Top Press
65x14, 10, 9

Fix Bar OH Extension
BWx8, 7, 7

Band Extensions

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