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Saturday - Home Improvement project

Sunday - Chest

* Between most sets, Power Clean 150x1, followed by Hang Clean 150x3

Bench Press
220, 240, 260, 275, 285x1
240x8, 7, 6, 5 - rep and volume PR
215x6+4 rest pause

Ring Dips
BWx8, 7, 7

ss w/

Barbell Row
120x15, 3 sets

Board Pushups ss w/ Bicep Band Curls
3 sets to failure - trying to hit 30 seconds TUT

Monday AM - Back and Triceps

* I always say it, but my arms need work if I want to look like a bodybuilder. And since I SUCK at taking the time to do a dedicated arm day, I figured I would at least tack on some arms at the end of my chest and back days.

I decided I don't like trying to hit triceps after chest, just a hard time feeling contractions due to fatigue. Same thing with with back and biceps, thus, I will do Chest with Biceps and Back with Triceps.

Today was my first workout with this idea.

Meadows Row w/ Tricep Rope Pushdown
60, 70, 75, 81, 86 x 8

One Arm Barbell Row w/ Top Half OH Press
60, 65, 71, 76 x 8

Chinup w/ Pushdowns
BWx8, 6, 6

T-Bar w/ Ring OH Ext
100x8, 3 sets

* I suck at chinups when I try to do them later in a back workout. I may either ditch them for pulldowns or just do the T-Bar rows.

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