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Default OFFSEASON Training into Contest prep for 2014

I have never done a journal before and figured no better time than now. I am in offseason right now just trying to make improvements and strength gains leading into next April when i will start prep again. Currently running a modified 5/3/1 program with smolov jr for bench. i have always had a sucky bench press and didnt do it because of it,but really making it a priority now. this forum has alot of great information and smarty guys so im always willing to take so advice.
nutrition is 210p/320-370c/65-70f
this weeks workout so far
monday would have been oh press day of 5/3/1 but decided to avoid it because of all the pressing i will be doing
bench 185x6x6 day1 all the last reps are paused for 2 seconds
dips bw+45x10,10,10,10
db shoulder press 70'sx3x10
shrugs 225x3x12
1arm db extensions 35x3x10

tuesday 5/3/1
deadlifts goal 3 reps
325x3 was goal got 8 then decided to see what my true 1mr max was have never really done
355x2,365x3,385x2,395x1,405x2x1 all coventional style then drop to 315x2x5 then 1 set 315x10 all sumo
hipp abbduction 170x3x15

called it a day after that

Wenesday bench day
195x7x5 all paused for 2 seconds on last reps
chins bwx3x8
incline curls 25lbsx2x12 tem 4-0-4 very slow in controlled due to left bicep tendon which has been acting up but lately been much better still taking it easy.
thursday squats
goal was 305x3 got 12
leg extension 160x3x15
lying leg curl 140x3x12
had to squat a day early because of work and the other owner of the store going down to the Pro Bowl in VA. lower back was alittle sore but went easy enough
friday off
saturday bench
205x8x4 paused all last reps for 2 seconds
that was all
bench again tomorrow see what happens
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