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Don't completely disregard Ratcat's advice, some more volume on assistance movements can help with hypetrophy which can in turn help with the strength.

Remember hypertrophy and strength complement each other. With strength, you can lift heavier weights in the hypertrophy range, and with hypertrophied muscles, it becomes easier and safer to gain strength.

That said, I have a few possible recommendations;

1. Make smaller jumps, invest in 2.5 or even 1.25 pound plates so you can make very small jumps in weights.

2. If you have to make bigger jumps (say 10 pounds because you only have 5 pound plates), then only make the jump for one set.

* Example: if you got 200 for 3 sets of 5, but struggled to get 210 the next week and didn't get all your reps, then try 210x5, and then 200x5 for the next two sets. The following week try, 210 for 2 sets and 200 for one set. Finally, 3 weeks later, try to get all three sets with 210.

3. Deload, take 10% off of your top weight, again, let's imagine 200. 10% of 200 is 20 pounds, so try 180 the following week. It should feel relatively easy, then work back up to 200 and try to get past it.

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