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Originally Posted by maxxxy View Post
Thank you so much for these priceless advice!

Is it right?
Anyway I've been following this diet for a week now, not a long time, I needed to know if it's healthy or not to follow same diet, anyway thank you so much for replying me!

Also my diet is divided by 45/40/15, but im going to change it to 50/30/20
by that i mean carbs/proteins/fats. My total calory intake is 2221 Kcal. Bodyfat is around 10%
No problem for the advice.

OK, so your carb totals are a bit higher than I calculated.

The food choices are definitely healthy.

I would stick with the diet if it appears to be working and just make slight adjustments as you go.

Why would you lower the protein by 10%? If there is one nutrient that you don't want to lower much during diet, it's protein.

I would still like to know what your total calories/carbs looked like prior to starting the cut. Thanks.

How many grams of protein are you getting per day?

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