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That seems very low in carbohyrdates. Using a website I calculated that you get 21g carb in a 100g potato, 55g in your serving of oatmeal, 19g for the rice, 40g milk, and 20g from the maltodextrin. Obviously the veggies have trace amounts but I am not concerned with those.

That comes to 155g total. How long have you been cutting? If you've been dieting for a while and are very lean than I could see being at that low level. However, even then, you would want to have refeed days with higher carbs.

What was your carbohydrate intake like before you starting cutting?

Any pictures of your progress?


OK, enough with my questions, I will try to answer yours:

is it okay if i eat those same meals every day, is it healthy?

Yes and No, you've picked pretty healthy foods so eating them daily isn't much of a problem. However, when you eat the same foods there may be certain micronutrients or vitamins that you are missing from the lack of variety. So you may want to use a multivitamin. I personally eat almost the same thing everyday as well, it makes it easier to track.

Will it be okay to keep following this diet?

If it is working yes. If you are stalled out, I would really recommend a refeed day with higher carbohydrates.

Should i add or remove something?

The diet is lacking in healthy fats. You get about 10g in the salmon and 1 gram with the fish oil. But all your other food choices are naturally without fat or you choose non-fat versions of dairy.

Don't be afraid to have some more fish oil, cook with olive oil (or make a salad), mix up a new dinner dish with some avocado or have some nuts as a snack. Healthy fats are essential for hormone function.

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