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Default Need a review on my diet!

Hey guys! I'd really need a review on my diet, what do you guys think, is it okay if i eat those same meals every day, is it healthy? Will it be okay to keep following this diet? Should i add or remove something? Thank you in advice!

ps. I'm currently cutting, i weight 73kg and my height is 175cm I am also drinking a lot of water thorough the whole day.

My diet:

egg white 80gr
broccoli 40gr
oats 77gr
cabbage 50gr
tomatoes 30gr
fish oil 1gr


salmon 80 gr
milk, nonfat (skimmed) 300 gr
cabbage 100 gr
carrots 25 gr
broccoli 100 gr
mozarella cheese, low fat 40 gr

Afternoon meal:

tuna, canned in water 150 gr
water 200 gr
rice, brown, long-grain 80 gr
fish oil, salmon 1 gr
peas 25 gr

Afternoon meal 2:

chicken, breast meat 190 gr
potato 100 gr
cabbage 30 gr

After-workout shake:

maltodextrin 20 gr
water 100 gr
whey, concentrate 40 gr
creatine 10 gr
milk, nonfat (skimmed) 200 gr

evening meal:

cottage cheese, nonfat 100 gr
yogurt, nonfat 150 gr
milk, nonfat (skimmed) 300 gr
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