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Default Regarding tempo: time under tension vs maximum power output

On Mr.Wilson article Count To 60 seconds And Grow Man Grow describes that the Optimal Amount of Time To Expose Your muscles To Tension
is between 30-70 sec.

For example, say that you can barbell curl 135 pounds for a total of 6 repetitions. If this takes you 30 seconds,then this is the rep range you would use to fail within this time frame.That means that the tempo that we should use for each rep is something like (3-1-1-0) or (2-1-2-0) etc.

Does anybody think there is any benefit to lifting like (3-1-1-0) from a strength point of view?I think that someone who uses this kind of tempo or (2-1-2-0) will end up using lighter weight than if he does faster lifts.

Again i would like to stay on the lower edge of the time frame which is more linked to strength training.I agree that we need more time under tension for hypertrophy and these tempos like(3-1) or (2-1-2) or( 4-2) are more useful.But for strength and if someone wants to incorporate more IIb fibers i think that we should use the maximum weight we can for 3-5 reps as fast we can without having a prescriped tempo in our minds.

Do you agree?
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