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I just finished up a 6 week mini-cut - March 4 to April 15

It was very successful.

High weight immediately before the cut:

Weekly average before cut:

Low weight during last week of cut:

Weekly average last week:

Average weight dropped:
8.2 pounds (and a 13 pound difference between my high and low point).

Average weight loss per week:
1.4 pounds

Macros leading up to the mini-cut:
3637, 69, 502, 244 (cal, fat, carbs, protein)

Macros starting off the mini-cut:
2962, 68, 354, 231

Macros as I finish the mini-cut:
2328, 60, 231, 214

Macros as I head back to lean mass gains:
3263, 66, 424, 235


Looking in the mirror this morning weighing 182, obliques were very crisp, lower back and lats detailed and legs pretty defined. Holdouts were lower abs and glutes. For anyone who has dieted before, once you get fairly lean, the changes with each new pound dropped are pretty dramatic. I feel I could probably be stage ready if I lost 5 more pounds, and was 177. I was 170 on stage a year ago.

Training hasn't always been the greatest this year due to the added responsibility and time constraints of fostering a child. Looking at a potential 7 pound lean mass gain is pleasing, but I honestly think I can do better over the next year. I am hoping to compete next April. We are done fostering in early June which will free up my time a lot.


With my bodytype and fast metabolism, I find it pretty easy to strip weight/fat but much more challenging to add lean mass.

Thus, I find my time should definitely be spent attempting to make more gains. The lesson I learn from this experiment is that I would be better served going a bit harder but shorter. I think I could safely have dropped the calories/carbs a bit more at the start and only cut for 4 weeks (maybe even 3), but still aimed for about the same weight/fat loss (close to 10 pounds).

I will likely employ this strategy after another 3.5 months of lean gains. I am going on vacation in late August, so August 1st (or there abouts) I will try a stricter and shorter mini-cut and again share my results.

If all goes well, I will be a solid mid 190's by August 1st and then look to cut back to mid 180's for vacation. After vacation, would be an extended period of lean mass gains.

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