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"box bench" is my own creation i guess. One of the gyms I use has TONS of squat racks, and very few benches. naturally, the benches are always taken. What I do is stack plyo boxes at a squat rack and do some bench press! the weight is generally lower, because it is hard to initiate leg drive. on those days I try and incorporate pushups and dips as well. I had to give this exercise a unique name for logging purposes.

Friday: NO PT, no GYM. Jumped out of an airplane w. a 30 lb rucksack hanging off of me...ALL DAY LONG leading up to the jump. plus I am starting a "master fitness trainer" course that is apparently pretty tough and starts with a PT test on monday..think Ill just rest until then

not sure how lifting will go for the duration of this class. if it is as tough as lifting..LOL, if I feeel I can do me, it will get done. but prob wont be fancy
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finally got camera, more vids to come!

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