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Thursday - Back

* Completely different back workout than I have done in a while. It's been ages since I did chinups. I searched my journal for the words "sore lats" and I found several things that tend to leave my lats sore (aside from lots of deadlifting):
1. High Volume Pullups and Chinups
2. Higher Rep or Focusing on the squeeze Lat Pulldowns
3. Tire Dragging (done in combination with other back work)

I was really in the mood for sore lats, so I made this workout which combined them all.

However, next time I would probably increase weight on the lat pulldowns, use a bit more momentum and go for higher reps as opposed to holding the contraction. I would still consciously squeeze the lats, but I wouldn't be pausing it at all.

Chinup (w/ Band High Row)
BW, +10, 20, 30x6
BW+40x6, 3 sets
BW+17.5x6, 2 sets
BWx6, 2 sets

Lat Pulldown holding peak contraction (w/ Band Stiff Arms Lat PD)
100x8, 4 sets

Tire Sled - Rows and Presses, 3 supersets

125x4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2 - 10 second rest

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