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Originally Posted by Yiannis View Post
Well this is my first post on the site and i would like a help regarding my cardio routine.
Iam following a fat loss diet and i would like to use hiit cardio in order to lose some fat and preserve muscle mass.I am big fan of Layne Norton and Mr.Wilson and i have recently heard their last podcast for cardio.I am already use sprints protocols,sled dragging etc.My questions are these?
a) i found in some articles here that Mr.Wilson suggest moderate cardio training after an hiit routine for optimal fat burning.This i think is something that comes to the contrary with their podcast.Is it an old theory and he has revised this theory?
b) How many hiit cardio routines can someone have in their weekly fat loss program and which is the maximum length time for such a routine?
c) I want to periodize my cardio routine.Can you give me an example using Hiit protocols?
Great question. As a scientist I am always willing to change my position based on the latest data. At the time I wrote about the moderate intensity cardio, there was research to suggest that moderate intensity cardio resulted in greater fat metabolism then when done after HIIT training. This still holds true.

However after our research and others we now know that low intensity / mod intensity cardio is catabolic not only to fat tissue but unfortunately also to muscle tissue, and so we now suggest the ideal way to get lean is to just do the HIIT training by itself and eliminate the moderate intensity cardio.

Make sense?
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