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Originally Posted by ecko31s View Post
I actually work my delts on leg day also. Of course after working legs you're just not going to have the energy in my opinion to work delts at their fullest capacity. I was also working delts after legs, but just didn't have enough energy to get a good workout because my leg routine is intense. What I started doing is working my delts first, then legs. I found that working my delts first doesn't drain a lot of energy out of me and that I can still work my legs at full intensity.

There is actually a lot of data to suggest that working legs first will produce a greater increase in the muscle trained following legs (delts in this case). The cause is mostly attributed to greater increases in endogenous growth factors and anabolic hormones which are released during intense weight training (and legs are the most intense!).

Originally Posted by MorThanAConqeror View Post
My current
Day 1: Chest/tris(emphasis on chest)
Day 2: Back/bis(emphasis on back)
Day 3: Legs/shoulders
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Tris/Chest(emphasis on tris)
Day 6: Bis/back(emphasis on bis)
Day 7: Legs/shoulders
Day 8: Rest

I want to place special emphasis on chest and shoulder growth without changing this split. The problem im having is I feel my shoulders are not working at full capacity after tiring them out two days in a row and while doing an intense leg workout. I was wondering how much them being tired would affect growth and if so, what changes would be appropriate. Thanks
for your chest and shoulders, you could always add more volume (more sets, or train delts and chest a third time per 8 days with another body part). i'd also recommend training chest first on day 5 for the same reason as mentioned above (same with day 6 even though you didnt address back being an issue). For both chest and shoulders, on bench press and shoulder press with a barbell (assuming you incorporate those exercises) you can try pulling in on the bar (a technique called intent) for the ENTIRE RANGE OF MOTION. This creates a constant tension effect and nearly isolates the pecs and delts. You will have to lower the weight a bit from what you normally use, but it will tear you up.
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