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Been a while. Forogt what I finished last week with..o well

No PT, day off,

Tuesday: PT: Stretching in prep for Weds.
GYM: Squat 5 RMx2 sets (345) felt weak today
CGBP, 2 RM (205)
1xmax reps @ 155 (12 reps)
4 rounds
shuttle sprint
max reps Handstand pushups (4,4,3, static hold at top for slow 15 count)

PT: 12 mile ruck march, 40 lb pack, full "fighting load as well" finished in 2:45
Gym: my body is wrecked! may pick it back up tomorrow, or this weekend, depends how I feel.

Will be out of town starting tomorrow for the weekend. If I cant get to gym tomorrow sometime, I will try to at least go for a run or do some metcon while away..just to stay "active". but that ruck march destroyed me. I did it with a horrible shin splint, so I had to jog almost the whole way (felt better than walking on it)
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finally got camera, more vids to come!
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