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Originally Posted by Yiannis View Post
Thanks commander for your answers but there are some points that i want to make it clear.
Regarding my first question a) you posted a summary of Prez and Wenom's which says Intensity – Bodybuilders should perform either very low intensity endurance training (>50 % VO2max) or very high intensity sprints (20X20 second sprints).I think that 20x20 sec sprint is extremely high volume for Hiit cardio routine and it couldn't be true Hiit as you mentioned on my second question b).
Also as the podcast mentioned, Mr.Wilson suggest that the rest time between the sprints should be 2-4 minutes.Furthermore he says that the total duration of sprints shouldn't be more than 2 minutes( for example 8setsX15sec=120sec or 6 setsX20sec=120 sec).If you manage to accomplish more sets then you haven't try real hard in your previous sets.
So according to the podcast your hiit protocol on my third question c) is not right regarding the rest time.The doctors says that this is not sufficient time for recupation between the sprints.
Please can you clarify to me these points.Thank you again.
I agree, 20x20 would be an insane amount of volume, in fact, I believe that much would be counterproductive.

I believe with longer sprints a 2 to 4 minute rest time is necessary, but a bike sprint of 10 to 15 seconds can be recovered from much easier than sprinting on a track for 10 to 15 seconds. I agree about the total duraction of sprints not being more than 120 seconds.

Don't overthink it, whatever rest time you pick 45 seconds or 2 minutes, make sure you are consistent and measure your progress over time.

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