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Originally Posted by SnuffSaid View Post
Thank you for the reply,

As mentioned in my original post I have already read both articles Jeremy Loenneke's posted to this site, which is why I joined up, I have a few follow up questions I didn't feel were answered.

The article lists exercise recommendations, but not recommended volume or frequency. My physiotherapist recommended only one upper body and one lower body exercise per day for 9 days straight then resting 4 days, so all I've been able to do is combine the two sources of information and then attempt to make a routine that covers my full body.
Practical Occlusion Training

Leonneke provide you with the volume (sets/reps) in this article. It appears you probably have it.

As a powerlifter, I implement Occlusion Training on my off days as a means of recovery and hypertrophy training.

My knowledge is limited to that area and not to rehab. So, I don't cannot provided you with any rehab information.

Originally Posted by SnuffSaid View Post
I really have no idea how effective this would be though, occlusion is such a foreign way of training to me,
It is initially foreign to everyone. I first read about it in 2008. Dr Layne Norton wrote a good article on.

It took me a while to understand it and ease into it.

When you examine the concept, you find that bodybuilders have utilized some form of blood restrtiction training forever.

Muscle contractions restrict venous blood flow back to the heart. Thus, moderate to high repetition sets create "The Pump" which means venous blood flow to back to the heart has been restricted.

"The Pump" means blood is dammed up in the muscle.

Another method that bodybuilders use is to maintain constant tension on the muscles in a set by not resting the bar at the bottom or locking it out at the top of the movement. That restricts blood flow.

Thus, Occlusion Training is build on "The Pump" and what bodybuilders have done forever.

"The Pump" creates an anabolic enviroment for muscle growth.

Originally Posted by SnuffSaid View Post
here's what a I drew up laid out in it's entirity;

Day 1 - Bench + Squat
Day 2 - Barbell Row + Leg Ext.
Day 3 - Military Press + Trap Deadlift
Day 4 - Lat Pull + Leg Curl
Day 5 - Skullcrusher + Calf Raise
Day 6 - Zottman Curl + Romanian Deadlift
Day 7 - Bench + Squat
Day 8 - Barbell Row + Leg Ext.
Day 9 - Military Press + Trap Deadlift
Day 10 - Rest
Day 12 - Rest
Day 13 - Rest
Day 14 -Rest
As Einstein said, "Research is what I am doing, when I don't know what I am doing.

Give it a try and see how it works.

Originally Posted by SnuffSaid View Post
Oh and I decided to use blood pressure cuffs instead of knee wraps.
I found exercise tube cheap and easier to work with.

Occlusion Training definitely has a place on the training table.

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I guarantee it will never work if you never try it.

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